After vaccination, Gloria Diaz back in Mother's Day movie 'Mommy Issues'

Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 19 2021 11:39 AM

MANILA -- Gloria Diaz celebrated her 70th birthday last April 5, a milestone capped by a simple gratitude list. 

“I never had a cold the past year," Gloria gleefully told ABS-CBN News Monday, citing the little things that make her happy despite the scourge of the pandemic. 

“I appreciate seeing the blooming of a flower, watching my birds, feeding the fish, cleaning the house," she enthused. “Turning 70, hindi ko man lang na-feel, uneventful, but I am just happy that I’m not sick!"

Diaz is back in the movies with Regal Entertainment’s Mother's Day offering “Mommy Issues” with Pokwang and Sue Ramirez, which will be directed by Joey Reyes.

Diaz surprisingly agreed to be the mother of Pokwang. The irony is not lost on the first Pinay Miss Universe. 

“But it’s really that -- the confusion of roles! It’s really funny,” she said, laughing. “Si Pokwang naman is involved with Ryan Bang sa movie.” 

“Mommy Issues” will be carried by KTX, TFC, iWant and and other platforms starting May 7. 

Diaz is thankful that they managed to finish the film at the onset of the pandemic last year with no one in the production getting infected. 

Last week, Diaz finally had her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine in San Lorenzo Village, Makati where she has been a long-time resident. 

Diaz is proud of the fact that she did not skip any line to get her first Sinovac jab. 

“You have to register first talaga and wait for your turn” she said. 

Except for her “overacting” at the end of the injection, Diaz said it was a good experience. 

“I have no headache, no symptoms after that. I’m going to take my second dosage on May 12. And let me emphasize the best vaccine is the vaccine in your arm,” she said amid the debate on which is the best brand of COVID-19 vaccine.

Diaz also disclosed to ABS-CBN News that after careful consideration, she is going to take ivermectin for its supposed preventive effect against COVID-19.

The veteran actress personally witnessed the agony of hospitalization and the financial drain recently experienced by a close family member who has since recovered from the virus. 

Diaz now has four grandchildren, two with son Rafael and two with Hong Kong-based daughter Isabel Daza Semblat, who gave birth to another son last April 2. 

She is looking forward have another one with second daughter Ava amid plans for a church wedding. 

“I think I can love my apos more than my children," she said laughing. “I miss them all but we’re so lucky we have FaceTime, we’re so close!"

The only other thing Diaz hankers for is playing tennis, which used to be part of her fitness regimen. 

“I feel guilty saying that with how others are suffering through this time,” she mused, thanking God for tender mercies and graces at this difficult time. 

On a final quip, Diaz expressed her Mother's Day wishes. 

“For all of us to be healthy, and how I pray that we can all go back to the old days! And I’d like to work again!”