Epy's film 'Unlucky Plaza' finally opens in PH


Posted at Apr 19 2016 12:35 PM

MANILA -- The critically acclaimed Singaporean film "Unlucky Plaza" starring Epy Quizon will finally be shown in local theaters two years after it was released.

Directed by Ken Kwek, "Unlucky Plaza" is about restaurant owner Onassis Hernandez (Quizon), who becomes a hostage taker because of his financial woes.

Last year, Quizon was named best actor at the International Film Festival Manhattan in New York City for his performance in "Unlucky Plaza," which opens in the Philippines on Wednesday.

"Of all the roles I've done in my life, Onassis Hernandez is the most basic character of all. This is really emotional roller-coaster that the father has to go through to fend for his kids, for his life in Singapore," Quizon said in an interview on "Mornings@ANC" on Tuesday.

According to the movie's director and writer, Singaporean Ken Kwek, the tension between locals and foreigners in his country was his inspiration in writing the movie.

"I decided to write story about an ordinary OFW who's led into committing a horrible crime but quite unwillingly. So in the end because of his crime, the whole country, in fact the whole region, spirals into a kind of turmoil and diplomatic tension because of this incident," Kwek said.