'The Good Son' gets highest ever rating as killer revealed in finale


Posted at Apr 17 2018 12:38 AM

The cast of 'The Good Son'. ABS-CBN

The hit primetime series "The Good Son" concluded Friday with the unraveling of its central mystery, scoring its highest ever rating after a seventh-month run as the top program in its time slot.

In the April 13 episode, interspersed scenes depicting the last hours of Victor (Albert Martinez) on his birthday, and the present day where Joseph (Joshua Garcia) is celebrating his own birthday, finally showed just who was behind the murder of the Buenavidez patriarch.

Sharing parallels, Victor and Joseph were both poisoned by Olivia (Eula Valdez) on their respective birthdays, using the same style -- poisoning a drink. Whereas the father died, the son managed survived the attempt on his life.

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Police pursuit sent Olivia running, but the chase ended in her car crashing and going ablaze. While she was brought to the hospital, a burnt Olivia ultimately died, with her son with Victor, Enzo (Jerome Ponce), and her stepson, the recovered Joseph, at her side.

With Joseph and his half-brother Obet (McCoy de Leon) having reconciled, and Calvin (Nash Aguas) recovering from schizophrenia with his own half-brother, Enzo, the four brothers started building their relationship and strengthening their bond. Joseph, Enzo, and Calvin also received their inheritance from Victor.

The gripping episode scored for "The Good Son" its biggest viewership, Kantar Media data showed. It registered a national TV rating of 24.5%, exactly 10 percentage-point higher than its competing program, producer ABS-CBN noted in a release Monday.