What's with Charice's latest look?


Posted at Apr 16 2013 06:49 PM | Updated as of Apr 17 2013 03:10 AM

What's with Charice's latest look? 1
Composite picture of international singing sensation Charice and South Korean rapper Psy. Photo from www.fashionpulis.com

Charice's newest hairstyle draws mixed reactions

MANILA, Philippines – The newest look of singer Charice has sent Filipino netizens abuzz once again.

Drawing mixed reactions anew, a photo of the singer recently made the rounds online, showing Charice sporting very short hair while wearing a polo shirt with a bowtie and slacks at what appears to be a campaign sortie.

There was also a composite picture of Charice and South Korean rapper Psy (seen above) posted at the blog Fashion Pulis (www.fashionpulis.com), showing the resemblance between the two artists.

Several users said they do not like Charice's new look, while others were simply shocked at how the young Filipino singer has changed her image.

“Nakita nyo ang new hairstyle ni charice? gahd what's happening with the world?” said ‏@BitsbyBitch.

“Nakakabigla talaga yung new hair style ni Charice,“ said @Jyamimay.

“Shux, anyare sa hairstyle ni Charice ngayon?! U kiddin' meh braw,” added ‏@merylxdelacruz.

“I choked when i saw charice's new hair,” said @SamanthaNavata.

Twitter user @miggoww even compared Charice’s hairstyle to that of actor Daniel Padilla. “Charice's new hair. Daniel Padilla, is that you?” he said‏.

Others, meanwhile, raised questions about Charice's sexual preference.

“She looks like a dude. Awful. She's hot with long hair,” said @baddieju.

“Ang tomboy ni Charice ngaun wth happened nakajeans guys shirt bowtie and short hair... sna talent same prin!” said @aRjAy_915.

Others defend Charice's new look

While there were many people who did not like what they saw, there were also several Internet users who came to the defense of Charice.

Most of them believe that the singer can pull off any hairstyle, while others said her physical appearance is a non-issue because she has brought pride to the Philippines with her international achievements. 

“I love any way you want your hair @OfficialCharice. you rocked any length of hairstyle long/short/med. i love them all,” said @1SilvaMaria.

“Wow @OfficialCharice setting a trend for short hair... from Miley to Paris Jackson,” added @oh_tenoryo.

Twitter user @joan_lanuza, meanwhile, said: “Respect @Official Charice many celebrities have short hair so why hate #charice respect her pls.”

“Its very hot in the Phils! Everyone wants a short hair. Act natural and just be yourself like Charice!” said @hertzblaster.

Charice: 'I don't care'

Charice has yet to react to all of these statements on her official Twitter account, @OfficialCharice, but the singer earlier reiterated that she does not care about other people's opinions about her appearance.

"Are you kidding me? I've read tons of negative comments and I don't care. Whatever they think maybe if I look somebody or whoever I don't mind. I mean this is the look that I want. So, the only thing you can do is to move on," she told ABS-CBN News in a previous interview.

"For me, just love me, I'm a person and if you think I'm a boy or a girl or if I look like a boy, then fine," she added, referring to people who are making an issue out of her sexual preference.

Charice made headlines in March last year when she had her hair dyed blonde prior to her "Infinity Tour" concert at the Araneta Coliseum.

She also had her blonde hair curled in several episodes of “The X Factor Philippines,” where she was one of the judges.