LOOK: Morissette Amon gets baptized on Easter Sunday


Posted at Apr 15 2023 08:59 PM

Photo from Morissette Amon's Facebook page
Photo from Morissette Amon's Facebook page

MANILA – Singer Morissette Amon marked this year’s Easter Sunday on a special note. 

On social media, Amon shared that she got baptized on Easter Sunday.

“What I really wanna share is that, going through your lowest lows isn't the only way to encounter Jesus, and you can also find Him when you're celebrating life,” she said in her caption. 

According to the singer, she accepted Jesus in her heart in 2019 when she was going through a very dark time in her life where she felt most alone. 

“Ever since having this relationship with Him, doesn't mean I don't have moments where I still feel down, but I am more at peace knowing there's Jesus always looking out for me, even when I don't always understand the seasons I am in,” she continued. 

Amon also said that God made her more confident in living her life in passion and purpose – according to His will. 

“I am only more grateful for all He has gotten me through and for everything else He has in store for me. most of all, I thank Him for all He's done for me on the cross, fighting for my life and loving me beyond measure,” she added.

Last year, Amon was chosen to perform the Disney+ original song “Imagine More,” the streaming service.

She rose to fame via singing competitions including “The Voice of the Philippines” in 2013. In 2021, she got married to Dave Lamar. 


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