How Rachelle Ann Go learned so much in 3 days about being a first-time mom


Posted at Apr 15 2021 11:14 AM

MANILA – Two weeks after giving birth, theater star and first-time mom Rachelle Ann Go admitted she is still learning the ropes of taking care of her son Lukas.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Go recalled that she was not able to sleep at all after her son was born because she did not know how to carry Lukas out of his crib. 

“I contemplated for probably half an hour, tried to maneuver him out, I failed. I called Martin and my mom to ask how lol then eventually asked for the midwife’s help,” she said.

Go said she was also sweating profusely as she was changing her son’s diaper and clothes because she was too nervous.

“I stared at the window blankly (in short tulaley haha) because of zero sleep. I cried because of my hormones (I guess — ang daming emotions), especially when Lukas was choking,” she said.

Go also recalled losing composure when Lukas turned blue while she was feeding him.

“I started breastfeeding him (no idea what I was doing) but because his glucose level that time was really low they had to give him a formula milk. He choked while I was feeding him and turned blue. I panicked and started crying! Whew! I was like 'Lord, how?! I need help!!!'”

The former Kapamilya singer then realized that the nurses and the midwives were there to guide her, adding that she did not ask any help from them at the beginning because she was too shy.

The next day got better, Go said, until they finally got discharged from the hospital on the third day.

“I had a tough time but I learned so much in the span of 3 days. I’m so grateful I went through it and figured things out myself. It just shows that even if it’s our first time, we have those motherly instincts that kick in. We are made to do this. So do not doubt nor fear. Now I feel like everything else is easy (huwow!) Grabe ang grace ni Lord,” she said.

Go then encouraged all the other first-time moms not to hesitate to ask for help from more knowledgeable people when they do not know what to do.

Lukas was born on March 26, based on Go’s Instagram post. 

Sharing the meaning of her child’s name, Go said “Lukas” stands for “bringer of light,” while “Judah” means “let Him be praised.”

She currently resides in London with Spies, whom she married in April 2018.

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