Vilma: Ralph cheated on me, but I forgave him


Posted at Apr 15 2015 12:29 AM | Updated as of Apr 15 2015 11:16 AM

Sen. Ralph Recto with son Ryan and wife Vilma

MANILA - Screen veteran and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos has admitted that her husband, Sen. Ralph Recto, cheated on her at one point during their relationship.

The 61-year-old actress-politician made the candid confession in the April 13 episode of "Bawal ang Pasaway," a talk show hosted by Winnie Monsod.

"Meron din siguro!" a smiling Santos said, when asked by Monsod directly whether Recto ever cheated on her. "Ang usapan kasi namin, 'Sabihin mo na sa akin diretso kesa malalaman ko sa iba.'"

She added: "Kasi ang malas niya, napangasawa niya ako na nasa entertainment world. Kahit saan siya magtago, kilala ako, matsitsismis siya. Kasi kilala ako, e/ Sorry ka na lang!"

Santos and Recto first met in 1985 at a Quezon City bar. At the time, Santos was already an entertainment icon, while Recto, who was 10 years her junior, had yet to graduate from De La Salle University.

They got married seven years later and now have one son, Ryan Christian.

While she did not give a specific year, Santos shared that she once confronted Recto when she started hearing rumors that he was seeing someone else.

"Sabi ko, 'Kung may gagawin ka at mahuli kita, aminin mo na, kesa madinig ko pa sa iba. Baka mas mapapatawad kita.' There was one time, umamin. O, eh, di pinatawad ko," Santos said.

The actress narrated: "Tinanong ko, 'Totoo ba itong ganyan-ganyan?' Sabi niya, 'Totoo.' 'O, sige! Next time, be careful.' Nag-sorry naman siya... Umiyak nga, e! Pero inamin niya kaya napatawad ko.

"Anyway, we've been together for seven years. And then, we've been married since 1992. Ganun na katagal kaming magkasama—in spite and despite of."

In a past interview, Recto admitted that just like any other couple, he and Santos have encountered numerous challenges during their 23-year marriage.

"We're not a perfect couple; there is no perfect couple. But because of our differences and our similarities, that's what makes us whole," he said at the time. "Everything is the best thing about her. There's nothing I would like to replace anyway."

"She's a wife for all reasons, and a wife for all seasons," Recto added. "So even if I ought to do it all over again, 10 times, I'd marry her 10 times around."