WATCH: Full trailer for JM de Guzman's first drama in 2 years


Posted at Apr 13 2018 12:14 AM

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She's a ball of sunshine. He's an angry, jaded businessman. 

They tangle paths in the most amusing of ways, with her mistaking him for a pervert inside a crowded elevator, and him accidentally baring it all for her to see after going skinny-dipping. 

And while all that makes "Precious Hearts Romances: Araw Gabi" appear as a lighthearted romance, it's actually not. 

The first full trailer for the new series is as contrasting as its title suggests, filled with overly cute moments mixed in with talks of trauma born from the characters' mysterious, dark past.

It's JM de Guzman's return to TV and he plays Adrian, introduced as a self-loathing man who brands himself as a "demon" for a mistake he made when he was young. 

He stars opposite Barbie Imperial as Michelle, a girl with a deeply depressing connection with the lighthouse in Adrian's hometown. 

A release date for the series, directed by Theodore Boborol, was not announced with the release of the trailer.