Dimples Romana reveals name she would give her third baby


Posted at Apr 12 2022 02:44 PM | Updated as of Apr 12 2022 05:45 PM

MANILA – Dimples Romana has revealed that name she would give her third baby.

On Instagram, the actress said she and her husband decided to on Elio which in French means “My God is the Lord” while its Italian variation is Aelius or Helios, who is the Greek god of the sun.

“Nung nagiisip kami ng name for Baby E, I had prayed prayers for guidance and discernment in many of the aspects in my life. But one thing in my momma heart stuck and that was, even when we have been tested and challenged as a family, somehow everything around us still felt bright and sunny and warm,” she explained.

“I guess when we feel we lack love and security the most, it is the love of a Father who overlooks our imperfections that comes shining through. And we feel that from all the love showered on us by our family and closest of friends. I’m glad we found friends for keeps,” she added.

As they prepare to welcome the third baby in their family, Romana is hoping Elio will be the bright ray of sunshine in their family.

Romana and her husband Boyet Ahmee have two children together: Callie, 18, and Alonzo, 7. 

Seven years since she gave birth to her second child, the actress got pregnant again. Romana announced her pregnancy last March.

Currently, she is one of the stars of ABS-CBN's hit series "Viral Scandal."