Kris Aquino to give Josh, Bimby 'enough privacy' after sons ridiculed online


Posted at Apr 10 2021 09:39 PM | Updated as of Apr 11 2021 07:59 AM

Kris Aquino to give Josh, Bimby 'enough privacy' after sons ridiculed online 1
Screenshot from Kris Aquino's Facebook video

Actress and host Kris Aquino has addressed the public anew, but this time with calm nerves as she assured her two sons of privacy after harassment and bullying on social media. 

A month after her tell-all clip, Aquino took responsibility for all hateful remarks Josh and Bimby received on social media, saying she will start limiting her social media posts about them from now on. 

"I'm partly to blame kung nadamay man mga anak ko. I'm taking full responsibility. I can never shield them fully because from the time they were born, I was already Kris but I can choose what I can show you," Aquino said in a 21-minute video uploaded on her Facebook page.

The “Queen of all Media” revealed she will be posting what “regular people” do on social media where parents just share snaps of their kids’ graduations or birthdays. 


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“They post birthdays. They post trips. So that's the decision I made, yun ang ipapakita ko sa inyo. The regular things that regular people show people dahil lahat ng magulang yun ang ginagawa,” she said. 

While she will not be hiding her sons from the public, Aquino said that she reviewed what other people usually post on social media about their families so she can follow their example and give the two boys enough privacy. 

“You will still see them dun sa mga events na mga regular na tao. ‘Yun ang mga nilalabas nila e so nire-review ko. They will have enough privacy. But you cannot see them as often as you used to,” Aquino said. 

The veteran host also took time to debunk some netizens’ claims that she should not be bothered by negative comments about her family because she is rich enough to ignore them.

Aquino cited the need of her eldest son Josh for long-term care due to autism. 

“He will need lifelong care. He needs to be assured because I promised that to my mom na gagawin ko lahat to make sure he will be comfortable for as long as he will live and that will take a lot of money. And pag-iipunan ko yan,” the actress vowed. 


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She also told Bimby, her son with basketball star James Yap, to do what he wants in his life and not to mind the public's opinion about him. 

Her son, who is turning 14 this April, has been ridiculed by some netizens about his possible gender preference. 

"Hindi na natin kasalanan kung ano yung magiging opinyon nila about you but what's important you know who you are. And you are not gonna be like them. I brought up a son who is brave,” she advised Bimby.

Aquino went on to extend her gratitude to her loyal supporters who stick with her amid all the controversies she and her family have gone through. 

“Wala akong utang na loob sa mga taong walang magawa sa buhay nila kundi pintasan ako. Pero napakalaki ng utang na loob ko dun sa mga taong come what may minamahal nyo ko,” she said. 


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