WATCH: Arci Muñoz plays an alien in new movie 'Jhon En Martian'


Posted at Apr 09 2019 06:41 PM

MANILA -- The title alludes to one of the country's most beloved sitcoms. 

But the similarities, aside from both being comedies, end there as "Jhon En Martian" features an absurd plot that's much, much more bizarre and out of this world, as the first trailer showed. 

Arci Muñoz plays a character named Princess 223, a Martian who loves eating paper and "transfers information" through kissing. She also has no idea how to properly ride a bike with another human, or why it's not okay to suddenly kiss a stranger in public. 


The person who's tasked to make her understand all this is Jhon, an awkward man played by Pepe Herrera. 

The movie is set to debut on iWant this Sunday. 

It is produced by Project 8 corner San Joaquin Projects, the same studio who collaborated with Black Sheep on "Alone/Together."