Theater director wins in viral video competition

Jeff Fernando, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 08 2021 12:44 PM

MANILA -- Theater and live events director Rodel Mercado is still in cloud nine after bagging the Best Short Film Award in a viral video competition by a fabric spray brand.

“It felt like the clouds were being blown away by the winds and the rays of the sun were visible again after a long stretch of cold, cloudy, rainy days. When I got the call that I won, I was totally ecstatic. I am so happy for myself as well as my entire team. My inspiration for this were first for my desire not to be paralyzed by this pandemic but rather to move forward and carry on with life," he said.

"Secondly my entire team, they are very courageous enough to stay with me even if the company has nothing to give. This advertisement was the material manifestations of our collective desire to uplift and support each other. We are very happy that it’s inspiring message was transmitted, touched, and inspired others,” he added.

Mercado admitted that this pandemic affected his artistry and income. 

“No project equals no income. No income was a huge test to my psychological health and well-being. Having said so, my innate power doesn’t want to simply give up to the misfortune and adversities, rather it fueled me to literally rise every day, live one day at a time, and focus on more important riches like having a good health, good friends, loyal staff, loving pets, sleeping under a safe roof, etc. Up until now, one thing is certain and that is uncertainty. Still I don’t have answers to so many questions that bothers me and I think it’s okay to simply let my faith to God be the central part every time I make choices trusting that I am being prepared for great things,” he revealed

Mercado took home a P100,000 cash prize, which he said is a big blessing for his team. 
“The prize money was divided to the entire team as per our original agreement.The money represented a flow of energy, a blessing that we used to ease our financial suffering at least for the time being,” he said

Meanwhile, Mercado said he is working on other projects, including a boys' love (BL) series.
“We're still working on “INN Love The Series,” a boys' love series which was born out of my desire to dignify love that knows no gender, race, or skin tone rather a genuine feeling of appreciation and adoration of one human being to another creation,” he added

Before winning the short film award, Merrcado won Best Director for Special Events at the 2018 Aliw Awards and Outstanding Special Events Director at the 2019 Leaf (Live Entrainment Arts & Festival) Awards.