Janine Gutierrez hopes to build filmography she'll be proud of


Posted at Apr 08 2021 01:29 PM

MANILA – Janine Gutierrez is hoping to build a filmography that she will be proud of when she is older.

In an interview with Metro.Style, Gutierrez said this is what she has in mind every time she chooses her projects.

“I guess it’s just always been my basis for making decisions. What really matters is the quality and not kung ano ano lang para lang [may project],” she said.

Gutierrez said it is her goal to be able to do different types of films.

“I always was hoping to build a filmography that I will be proud of when I am older,” she said. “And I got to work with different people. 'Yun talaga yung goal ko ever since.”

When asked what’s the first thing she looks at when offered a project, Gutierrez quipped: “Script. Parang the first basis talaga for anything is if you like the script, if the story is nice.”

All other things just follow including the people she will work with and the director who will helm the film.

“There are so many really cool, young directors who have their own unique vision and spin on things. That’s what always excites me. It’s the story and the role and the people that you get to work with on that project,” she said.

Gutierrez’s most recent project is “Dito at Doon” which she co-stars with JC Santos. It is about whether a relationship that starts online can last offline. 

Sharing any similarities that she has with her character, Gutierrez said: “I think more than anything, these past few months, everyone has kind of resorted to social media to get their frustrations out and get information. It’s been our new world since we were forced to stay at home. The same has been for me.”

“Every time I feel something and I can’t contain it, I will tweet it or post on Instagram. It also served as a great support group for finding like-minded people or people who are concerned about the same issues you are or share information to people who may not have known what’s happening. Very naging ganun nga ako these past few months,” she said.

Directed by JP Habac, the TBA Studios movie marks Gutierrez and Santos’ first film together, and also stars Yesh Burce and Victor Anastacio.

The film was originally set for a March 17 release in cinemas, but producer TBA Studios decided to postpone that plan due to health and safety concerns, amid rising cases of COVID-19.

However, the online release of “Dito at Doon” proceeded as planned. It became available via KTX.ph, iWant TFC, Cinema 76 @ Home, and Ticket2Me last March 31.

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