#Ivanyo or #Loovana? Boyfriend prank sparks real kilig — and an online 'ship'


Posted at Apr 08 2020 06:04 PM

#Ivanyo or #Loovana? Boyfriend prank sparks real kilig — and an online 'ship' 1
DJ Loonyo and Ivana Alawi have a 'monthsary' video call in a prank shown in the actress' latest vlog. YouTube: Ivana Alawi

MANILA — What started as a payback prank involving a pretend boyfriend has sparked a new "love team" that's become a trend online.

With huge followings on YouTube and TikTok respectively, Ivana Alawi and DJ Loonyo became, unsurprisingly, the latest "ship" or fan pairing on social media.

Shippers now call them #Loovana or the tongue-in-cheek #Ivanyo — the result of their interaction in Ivana's latest vlog where she and DJ Loonyo pretend to have a "monthsary" video call.

The prank was targeted at Ivana's mother, Fatima, who, after finding out the ruse, warned her daughter and DJ Loonyo that they might develop real feelings for each other.

Certainly, for instant fans of #Loovana, that's the fervent wish, going by a flood of comments on the vlog as well as the trending hashtag on Twitter.

Here's a look at some of their reactions: