‘I was tulala’: Derek and Ellen’s first kiss was ‘so bad, it was disturbing’


Posted at Apr 06 2021 07:41 PM

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna fondly recall their ‘disturbing’ first kiss during a live interview with G3 San Diego. Screenshot/Instagram: @g3cafe

MANILA — Newly engaged couple Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna belied the impression that they were immediately intimate, saying they only kissed after they became officially together.

That first kiss was “so bad,” however, that it “disturbed” Ramsay and had Adarna cringing, they recalled in a live interview with G3 San Diego on Monday.

“Both of us have no game,” Ramsay said. “Like, pareho kaming tameme na torpe, na ‘di namin alam how to act. Like high school!”

Adarna added: “We kissed after we were boyfriend-girlfriend na. Super wholesome! Like, I’m sure people would imagine, ‘F*ckboy and f*ckgirl!’ Natatawa ako! Buti pa ‘tong mga tao na ‘to may in-imagine!”

“Nothing! Zero,” Ramsay emphasized. "This is why I felt something different, totally out of this world, like I never felt before. I wanted to figure out what it was.”

Ramsay, 44, and Adarna, 33, were set up on a blind date by common friends in January, prior to the viral dinner party that same month which first spurred rumors romantically linking them.

They became a couple on February 4.

Initially, despite having gone out on numerous dates, Ramsay said the extent of his physical interaction with Adarna was “beso,” or their cheeks coming in contact, whenever they greeted or said goodbye to each other.

Ramsay recalled one night when he brought Adarna home. “Hinatid ko, and then bineso ko. ‘Yung beso na half-lip, half-cheek. Sablay talaga! Sabi ko, ‘That was cute.’ Pero wala.”

“The next day, sabi ko, ‘Siguro, ito na, may mangyayari na!’ Pero I don’t want to make the first move, kasi I respect her,” he said.

The “disturbing” first kiss happened the following night, similarly when Ramsay was about to drop Adarna off at home after spending a day together.

“This was two weeks na, na we were hanging out almost every day,” Adarna noted. “We would touch, may kaunting holding hands na hindi mo alam kung holding hands ba o hindi. ‘Sh*t, gusto ko na siya i-kiss!’”

“Ito na, iki-kiss ko na siya… Bigla akong natawa. Natawa ako sa sarili ko. Ang tagal kong iniisip. Okay, diniretso ko na siya,” she said.

Ramsay exclaimed, “She hit me with her teeth!”

Demonstrating their awkward positions at the time, Ramsay narrated: “Nakahawak ba siya sa dashboard ng kotse. Sabi niya, ‘Bye.’ Blag! It’s like ni-headbutt niya ako! And then she just opened the door, tapos lumabas na siya papunta sa bahay niya. Ako, talagang tulala.”

“As in, I walked away,” Adarna said, laughing. “Like, ‘Sh*t, that was so bad!’ Run! Run! Run away!”

“Ako naman, I was tulala,” Ramsay recounted. “Like, what the hell? I went home, and I was doing some contemplation. ‘Ang ganda-ganda niya, pero she can’t kiss, e that’s my favorite thing. She can’t kiss!’ It was so bad, it really disturbed me. Pero I like her so much.”


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The proper kiss which convinced them both of their “chemistry” happened after their first big fight — caused by a misunderstanding about the difficulty of a hike during their Batangas trip, and Adarna’s temper, by her own admission.

The two had separate rooms at the time, and Ramsay had intended to reach out to Adarna to patch things up.

“Inunahan niya ako, pumunta siya sa room ko and she apologized. That’s where we had our first real kiss. It was a nice, sweet kiss,” he said.

“Super short,” Adarna said.

“And then we started laughing, because we started talking about the first kiss,” Ramsay recalled. “I said, ‘Thank God.’ She said, ‘What?’ ‘Because I thought that first kiss was all you’ve got!’”

Asked how she felt during the kiss, Adarna had a simple answer, “We’re getting married na — so it was amazing.”

“When that happened,” Ramsay added, “I was like, ‘I’m done, I’m done.’”

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