WATCH: What Arjo said when asked if Maine is his girlfriend


Posted at Apr 06 2019 04:20 AM

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When one appears on "Tonight with Boy Abunda," they'd better be prepared to face the controversies surrounding them at the moment. 

But admittedly, for Arjo Atayde, he said, with much reluctance, that perhaps there are questions best left unanswered. 

It's not because he's unsure or anything about it, it's just that there could be some consequences, the actor explained. 

His family have been subject to foul threats over his relationship with Maine Mendoza and he politely begged off answering whether he and the actress are already a couple. 

He only said: "I'm happy with whatever we have right now."

"I'm super contented. I'm not going to mess this up. That's how happy I am. I mean no disrespect but that's what I can only leave with you. I would love to answer but as of now, honestly, I want to keep it to ourselves first."

He added that answering it might "cause more damage," claiming that there will be some people who will go after his family for it. 

He repeatedly said that the criticisms doesn't bother him if it were aimed just at him, but once it starts to drag his family into it, then that's when the line is crossed for him. 

He did say that he'll fight for his love for Mendoza "no matter what it takes." 

The two have already admitted to "exclusively dating."