WATCH: Richard Yap takes flight as 'Super D'


Posted at Apr 06 2016 10:40 PM | Updated as of Oct 10 2016 01:05 PM

MANILA - The first trailer for the fantasy television series "My Super D" was released Wednesday.

The more than two-minute clip introduces "Super D" (Richard Yap) and a barangay captain named Tado (Ronnie Lazaro) whose life was saved by the lead character.

Inspired by the heroics of Yap's alter-ego, Tado would then go on to live a life dedicated to helping other people. His wife would give birth to a son, whom he tries to instill his idea of self-sacrifice.

The first major twist of the show begins when a criminal group hatches a plan that kills Super D. The same group then tries to prove the superhero's death by bombing a mall, where Tado would be killed.

Flash forward and Tado's kid, portrayed by Dominic Ochoa as an adult, would grow up to have a family of his own. The trailer then teases that his character would somehow continue the mantle of Super D.

The series, which also stars child star Marco Masa, will begin airing April 18 as part of ABS-CBN's primetime block. The specific time slot for the show has yet to be revealed.