LOOK: Artist imagines Jessy Mendiola as Darna


Posted at Apr 05 2019 10:25 PM

A graphic artist imagines Jessy Mendiola as Darna. The actress responds by saying that she appreciates the support. @chovelasarts

There are many names being thrown around as possible replacement for Liza Soberano as Darna. 

But for one illustrator at least, one actress is a tad above the rest. 

That's Jessy Mendiola, whom graphic artist Chovelasarts drew as the iconic Pinay superhero after it was announced that Soberano had been forced to back out due to a finger injury.

The drawing was shared on Instagram, catching the attention of Mendiola herself, who personally commented on it to say that she appreciates the support. "I really appreciate your effort. Ang galing mo promise," she wrote. 

Mendiola, a constant pick that fans have been bringing up, has said that one of her dreams is to become an action star, hinting that she would not hesitate to accept the role if given the chance.

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