Violating safety protocols?: Ivana ready to face charges after viral street vendor prank


Posted at Apr 04 2021 03:57 PM

Violating safety protocols?: Ivana ready to face charges after viral street vendor prank 1
Screenshot from Ivana Alawi vlog

Actress and vlogger Ivana Alawi is unfazed by possible charges for supposedly violating safety protocols during the pandemic when she pranked a street vendor for a recent vlog.

In another vlog, Alawi was asked, while doing a Filipino mukbang with her family, for her reaction to people threatening to sue her because of her previous video where she disguised herself as a homeless woman begging for food and some money.

The actress bravely challenged her accusers to file a lawsuit against her, as she vowed to deal with it. 

“Kung may nilabag akong batas, eh di kasuhan na lang nila ako. Haharapin ko ‘yun. Lalaban ako, ‘di ba?" Alawi said.

"Para sa akin, I didn’t do anything wrong. Ang intention ko was just to help out and to inspire people,” she added. 

The episode titled “Prank on strangers on the street” has become viral since publishing, garnering mostly positive comments for the popular vlogger in the country. 


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In the said video, Alawi was captured in tears during her encounter with street vendor Joselito Martinez, as the latter treated her with kindness and generosity despite her "appearance" and "situation".

Alawi said she did not hurt or step on other people when she did the prank, and that she would do it again in the future. 

“Wala akong tinapakan na tao, wala akong sinaktan na tao. Masaya ako sa video and I would do it again,” she said. 

Alawi, who has more than 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, said she realized that no matter how good you are, people can still talk ill about you. 

“Hayaan na lang natin. Na-realize ko sa buhay, parang no matter what you do, kung may gagawin kang maganda, kung may gagawin kang hindi maganda, laging may masasabi sila,” she quipped. 

Meanwhile, she confirmed photos circulating online where she was seen with Martinez shopping in an appliance store. 

Alawi said she met again with the street vendor to have lunch and give him additional help, including a new motorcycle so he will not ride the public bus anymore. 

“Right after ko nilabas ‘yung vlog na street prank, nagkita kami after two days. Pina-swab ko siya, tapos nakapag-usap, nag-lunch, and I helped out in my own small ways,” Alawi said. 


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Watch more News on iWantTFC
Watch more News on iWantTFC