Jim Paredes' daughter takes break from social media


Posted at Apr 03 2019 11:26 AM | Updated as of Apr 03 2019 12:32 PM


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MANILA – Amid the controversy her father is currently embroiled in, the daughter of Jim Paredes has decided to temporarily leave social media.

In a series of posts on her Instagram Stories, Erica Paredes said she is taking a break from it because there has been “too much toxic energy” on social media lately, adding that “it’s not as fun as it used to be” anymore.

She also left a message to her followers.

“See y’all soon! Friends, you can still DM me. In the meantime, be nice. Mind ya business. Post things that will actually benefit society. Check on your loved ones often,” she wrote.

Erica likewise thanked those who sent her messages of support.

“I had an outpour of love and support in my inbox this morning. We are dealing with it. Just want life to go back to normal already. Whatever that really means in my not normal life,” she said. “Just wanted to say thank you. Means a lot.”

On Tuesday, Paredes confirmed the authenticity of his viral sex video but said it was not meant for public consumption.

"The video was real. It was private, and not meant for public consumption. I do not know how it became public," he wrote on his blog "Writing on Air."

The APO Hiking Society member said he was in a quandary after seeing the video leaked to social media but decided to come clean after praying about it. 

"There are already too many lies and liars in this world. I do not wish to be a part of that cabal. I have chosen to be truthful because I know that painful as the truth can be, it will eventually set me free," he said. 

The 67-year-old musician, known for being a vocal critic of the current administration, suspects the incident as politically motivated.

He also admitted he is "a flawed person, a human being, much like everyone else." He also begged for forgiveness from his family who are affected by the scandal.