Mocha proud of her sexuality


Posted at Apr 02 2009 05:56 PM | Updated as of Apr 03 2009 04:59 AM

The first time the all-female sexy singing group “Mocha Girls” created a stir in the music scene was when they cried foul after photos of them kissing each other were leaked to the press and landed in a tabloid.

The photos drew some jeers and the sexuality of members Mocha Uson, Hershey delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale, and Mary Grace Oracion were questioned. Incensed, the girls did not take the incident sitting down and a libel complaint was filed against the publication.

“Sinasabihan akong lesbian. First of all, walang masama [sa pagiging lesbian],” Mocha, the band leader, stressed.

The case has since been dismissed after both parties reached an agreement. It might have caused trauma to the girls but the same incident was also a turning point for Mocha. It gave her the necessary strength to admit to herself and to the public that she is, in fact, a bisexual.

“It just so happened na I’m not a lesbian. I like guys, I like girls, so I’m bisexual. I’d rather label myself than other people labeling me,” she said.

“I’m comfortable with who I am as a person. I’ve accepted myself [and] I feel more free now. There was a fear na to be judged [but] wala you have to embrace [who you really are],” she added. 

She pointed out that people should not treat gays, lesbians and bisexuals as if they are different. Like straight women and men, she said, members of the third sex are human beings with same rights.   

“You can’t please everyone. [This is] me. If you like me, thank you. If you don’t, alam mo you’re entitled to your opinion. Basta I’m happy with who I am. I’m comfortable with my sexuality,” she said. 

Comfortable with bodies

The 24-year-old singer is the resident photo blogger of men’s magazine MAXIM wherein photos of her kissing other women are splashed for the readers to enjoy. Thus, when MAXIM came out with its April issue dedicated to gays and lesbians, it is only fitting that Mocha, alongside Hershey, graces its cover.

Mocha and her “girls,” or band mates, posed naked, their bodies coated with caramel, for MAXIM’s April issue and probably it was one of the daring shoots ever for any men’s magazine.

Some might probably raise their eyebrow but the girls maintained that it was “tastefully done.”

“This is a sexy men’s magazine [so it’s] supposed to be sexy.  Self-expression [ito] hindi namin ginawa sa mga regular magazine. This is a men's magazine so sexy,” Mocha said. “This is very classy, ang photographer A-list. [He’s] Doc Marlon Pecjo who is also a photographer for big fashion magazines. [It’s done in] good taste, very classy. Tastefully done.”
Hershey also pointed out: “Hindi puwedeng nakadamit kami tapos cover. Mapapansin ba siya?”

No doubt about it. These girls have no qualms about shedding their clothes to prove that their comfortable with their bodies as much as they have no inhibitions about kissing each other in public.

So who’s the best kisser - men or women? Sorry guys, but for Mocha, women are the runaway winner in that category.

On a final note, Mocha has this advice to all those who are still afraid to come out of their closet: “Accept who you are. Love yourself. Don’t think too much of what other people would think about you. When you're ready then that’s the time you come out. Pero if you’re not yet ready, you don’t have time to hurry. No pressure, take your time, discover yourself.”