LOOK: Jessy Mendiola reunites with her father in Dubai


Posted at Mar 31 2022 11:36 AM

MANILA – Jessy Mendiola happily reunited with her half-British father Roger Tawile when she and her husband Luis Manzano visited Dubai.

Turning to Instagram, Mendiola shared a couple of new photos when she got to spend time with her father.

Mendiola simply captioned it with “my family” and a heart emoji.

It was in 2014 when Mendiola had an emotional reunion with her father after 14 years of not seeing each other. 

The actress said of their reunion then: “I couldn't help but cry when I saw him again. No words can explain how much I missed my Papa. When he saw me he just hugged me so tight, I couldn't breathe. First words that came out of his mouth was ‘My Princess’ and that was it, I lost it.”

In June last year, Mendiola featured her dad on her vlog where she asked him about his reaction when she first told him that she’s marrying Manzano.

“I was happy for you because when you get married, it’s your life. And I asked you so many times before, ‘Baby, are you sure? Do you love him?’” he recalled.

“And you said, ‘Yes, I love him. And I want to spend my future with him.’ For me, that’s enough I just want you to be happy. That’s all. If getting married with Luis makes you happy, Luis, it is,” Tawile added.

However, Tawile said it was sad that she missed that special moment in Mendiola’s life because he could not come to the Philippines in the middle of a pandemic.

But Mendiola assured her dad that even if they are miles apart, them talking to each other all the time is more than enough for her.