How Nadine feels about good reviews of 'Ulan'


Posted at Mar 31 2019 02:41 PM | Updated as of Mar 31 2019 09:58 PM

MANILA – Nadine Lustre is beyond thrilled over the good reviews her movie “Ulan” has been receiving.

For Lustre, the film’s box office performance is just a bonus because what’s most important for her is she was able to deliver what her director required of her for the role.

“I’m just really happy kasi ang importante naman sa akin is happy si direk Irene (Villamor). We talk almost every day. I keep thanking her kasi it is a big break for me and it is a really good material,” she said.

“I love that even though James (Reid) is not in the project, everyone is still very supportive,” Lustre added.

Lustre said it was really the message that the movie conveys which made her accept the project.

“Direk Irene is very creative. She likes yung mga fantasy. We watched a movie na sobrang favorite namin parehas but we didn’t know until we started talking. I know that we are on the same level when it comes to creativity,” she said.


While still enjoying “Ulan’s” success, Lustre said she is already working on “Indak,” her next big screen project, this time with Sam Concepcion.

“It’s more parang sayaw. Maraming prod numbers but more on sayaw. Kasi me, I only have one song. Sam has a song. It’s not really a musical. It’s mainly about passion,” she said.

Concepcion, for his part, said the movie has a lot to offer because “on top of the narrative, we put a lot of work in dance and training as a group.”

“We are supposed to be a dance crew and we have to dance like one. That requires a lot of training and dancing as a group so we are putting a lot of effort in preparing for those big numbers,” he said.

Does it compare to the Hollywood film “Step Up”?

“I wouldn’t want to compare it to that or associate it with that because it is its own thing. We have been shooting in Manila. We shot na in Cebu. We will be shooting in Korea soon,” he said.

Saying that they are halfway done, Concepcion said they are hoping to finish filming by mid this year.