Marjorie: Julia was rejected many times in her life


Posted at Mar 30 2015 12:40 PM | Updated as of Mar 30 2015 08:42 PM


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MANILA -- Contrary to popular perception, showbiz success did not come easy for young star Julia Barretto.

"Sometimes people say na why it was so easy, bakit ang dali-dali ni Julia. Bigla na lang ganyan na siya parang walang pinagdaanan. Hindi niyo alam 'yon, naka-ilang auditions 'yan si Julia, naka-ilang look tests 'yan. She was rejected many, many times in her life," the actress' mother, Marjorie Barretto, said on the TV special "Just Julia Beautiful @ 18" that aired on Sunday.

"She's not Julia Barretto because tita niya si Claudine, tita niya si Gretchen, nanay niya ako, hindi. Life was fair also sa kanya. She worked very hard to be who she is now and I also pray for her to shine on her own because after all it's all her hard work," she said.

Marjorie admitted that at first she didn't want her kids to join showbiz. But Julia was persistent.

"Among all my kids, siya talaga 'yung may gustong mag-artista. I said finish high school first. Then one time, when she was 16, she went up to me and I said, 'No, no, I don't want to talk about it.' She started crying so much and she said, 'I'm already 16 and I'm getting old. If not now, when?'" Marjorie recalled.

Deep inside, Marjorie knew that it was indeed the best time to be in show business. "So our only agreement was 'okay I will allow but you really have to finish high school no matter what," she told her daughter.

For her part, Julia, she was fully aware of the pressure of belonging to a well-known showbiz clan like the Barrettos. But she took this as a challenge instead.

"Every interview 'yun ang question, how is it like to be a Barretto? I answer the same all the time. Being in the business, nakaka-pressure talaga siya because you have expectations to live up to but then it became my motivation to do even better," Julia said.

Marjorie is also aware of the pressures on being a Barretto.

"There's so much expectations and sometimes their generation -- Julia, of course, included -- they get judge for the past mistakes of us, the older generation, hindi ba? So I always tell them that maybe the mistakes that we've made, it's there teach a lesson. Take the good with you and then throw away the bad things that we've done," Marjorie said.