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'UnPrisoned' stars discuss how their show sets truth free

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Mar 28 2023 10:16 PM

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In Hulu's new series "UnPrisoned," Kerry Washington plays Paige Alexander, a marriage and family therapist and a single mother dealing with issues of her own.

The actress is also one of its executive producers.

"I learned so much from Paige," Washington said. "She's so smart and wise about people, although still a mess. I learned so much every single day."

The show deftly mixes comedic and dramatic elements to depict her character's struggles, relationship issues, and growth.

"In all the areas whether we were talking about, you know, everything from food to fashion to money to sex, we just tried to be as honest as possible," Washington added, "and even look for the humor in the truth and the honesty."

Paige's life becomes even more complicated when her father gets out of prison and lives with her and her son who is a teenager.

Delroy Lindo plays as Edwin Alexander, a man on a mission to reconnect with his family, and to find a stable job after getting out of prison.

The actor shared that his character's pursuit of a second chance is something he can identify with.

"My mom was a Jamaican immigrant to the United Kingdom," Lindo said. "Through the toil that my mother applied in her life, she was able to provide certain things for me that constituted a second chance."

The series also delves into the harsh and oftentimes, unfair realities of life after incarceration in America.

"I hope it gives people a window into our humanity and helps answer the question or address the question," Lindo said.

He added: "Even though people make mistakes, and life is messy, and we just mess up sometimes, there's always the component of continuing to try, continuing to make the effort."

The eight-episode series, inspired by author Tracy McMillan's life, is now streaming on Hulu.