LOOK: BrightWin pose in matching '2gether' jerseys


Posted at Mar 28 2023 03:35 PM

Screenshot from Win Metawin's Instagram stories. 
Screenshot from Win Metawin's Instagram stories. 

Fans turned nostalgic when Thai actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin posed as their characters Sarawat and Tine in the boys' love (BL) series "2gether" during the outing of their entertainment company GMMTV.

In Metawin's Instagram stories, the two actors can be seen wearing their football jerseys from the BL series. 

"Everything is still unreal … never thought I’d see them again in this 2023
thank you BrightWin, they never forgetting SarawaTine & no matter what they always come back home," a fan said.

"No one really expected this to happen. It's like a fever dream. After three years, after having many series, after all things happened …. they go back to be SarawaTine. Brightwin is living SarawaTine," another fan added.

In "2gether," Sarawat gave Tine a jersey with the same number to symbolize their love for each other.

Bright and Win rose to popularity in the Philippines through the popular BL series “2gether,” whose sequel “Still 2gether” premiered here simultaneously with its run in Thailand.

Both series are available for streaming on iWantTFC and GMMTV's YouTube page. 

The hit Thai BL series got its own movie last year with the love team seemingly getting married.


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