‘Show a little respect’: Drew Arellano laments strangers taking snaps of his kids without permission


Posted at Mar 28 2019 09:04 PM


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MANILA — TV host Drew Arellano will not have strangers taking photos of his two children without his permission, or else, he warned, he might just lose his temper.

“If I were to lose my cool and I’m usually cool about things, it would be to strangers who whip out their phones and take snaps of my 2 boys without asking,” he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Arellano, 39, did not specify an incident that prompted his tweet.


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He has two sons — Primo, 2, and newborn Leon — with his wife, actress-host Iya Villania.

Arellano and Villania, who have a combined four million followers on Instagram alone, have been open about their family life, including milestones of their sons, since getting married in 2014.

Primo, in particular, has become a social media star of sorts, with fan pages dedicated to the toddler. He, as well as Leon, have appeared in a number of ads with their parents.


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Even then, going by Arellano’s sentiments on Twitter, unsolicited snaps of his kids from strangers are far from welcome, as any parent would agree.

“Please show a lil respect and etiquette, ladies and gents. #youdonotwanttoseemelosemycool,” he wrote.