Tagalog version of 'Jane the Virgin' tops Twitter trends


Posted at Mar 29 2016 01:02 AM

MANILA - Filipinos may either love or hate the dubbing, but one thing is for certain: the debut episode of the Tagalog-version of "Jane the Virgin" sure had them talking.

The pilot episode of the acclaimed American television comedy, which aired on ABS-CBN late Monday, topped the Philippines' list of trending topics on Twitter. It generally received positive reactions, but some voiced out their concerns over the quality of the dubbing.

The first episode introduces 22-year-old Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), a young woman who has tried her best to veer away from drama as she juggles her college education, work, and love life.

She also religiously follows her grandmother's advice to save her virginity until marriage.

However, in an ironic twist, Jane finds herself accidentally inseminated with the one and only sperm sample of wealthy hotel owner Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), whom, as it turns out, she has a history with.

Jane reminds Rafael, a cancer survivor, that they once shared a kiss at a yacht club where she used to work. She also tells him that she's not yet ready to give birth to the child.

The Tagalog version of "Jane the Virgin" airs weeknights after "The Story of Us."