How Demi Lovato, producers made 'Heart Attack' rock version


Posted at Mar 27 2023 06:26 PM


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American singer Demi Lovato, along with some producers, shared their thought process behind the reintroduction of hit single "Heart Attack" as a rock anthem.

In an article by Billboard, Oak Felder, the executive producer of Lovato's recent studio album, said that they struggled to approach the remake.

“No matter what happens to it or how it’s changed, you just can’t get the original version outta your head … To be truthful with you, that’s kind of what made it a challenge,” he said in the article.

Production duo The Suspex, made up of Allan and Jason Evigan, wrote “Heart Attack” with Sean Douglas, Aaron Phillips and Nikki Williams.

Allan said the 2013 track was really meant to be pop noting the rise of EDM during that time.

“We had a dubstep drop right after that massive bridge; it went to this crazy Skrillex-esque … I don’t even know what to call it, this dubstep break that Jason just sat down and just went nuts on,” Allan said. 

“That was the first part that we ended up having to cut, because we realized as much as we loved the choppiness and aggressiveness, it wasn’t what was on the radio and it wasn’t right for Demi,” he added.

"Heart Attack" recently made the rounds on social networking app TikTok and made Lovato grateful for the success of the song 10 years later.

“It feels amazing, being able to see the song continue to reach people and inspire people to hit those high notes … I used to try and hit those high notes in my favorite songs — it’s really cool that people are starting to do the same with mine,” she said.

Felder said he looked back on Lovato's rock album “La La Land” and imagined it in "Heart Attack."

“I realized Demi, in that era, sounded like a completely different person … Demi’s voice now is a witness and a testament to the things that she’s been through as a person,” Felder said. 

“Once you’ve gone to hell and you’ve come back, you really appreciate life … when I hear her sing about things that are emotional or painful or joyful, there is a lot more experience and understanding of those emotions behind the way that she’s singing it now. Once I got there, the production just came right out,” he added. 

Lovato agrees and said: "I was so young, and I was a completely different person back then … I hadn’t come out as non-binary yet, so when I look back, I see a totally different person than I am today. But I still love that girl, I love that part of me.”


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