Australian label releases Pinay underground electronic artist Pamcy's single

Rick Olivares

Posted at Mar 27 2018 06:58 PM

Manila-based underground electronic artist Pamcy Fernandez has just had a couple of new songs released in an extremely limited Double A-side cassette titled "Piso Isa" by Australian label Healthy Tapes.

The songs, paeans to childhood candy (check out the deliciously titled “Goya Coin”), are wrapped in a danceable and carefree house style. It’s a concoction that works. You know how during the holiday season you’re gifted with one of those chocolate boxes with a variety of flavors – every time you sink your teeth into each, it’s a different feast of flavor and delight.

Such is "Piso Isa." And Pamcy, influenced by house producers Darius and Kartell from French label Roche Musique, Disclosure and Lone from the United Kingdom, Cosmo’s Delight and Young Franco from Australia, Asian-American producers Yaeji and Qrion, and South Korean producers Deepshower and GiiAna, comes up with two winners in “Monami” and “Goya Coin” that sound familiar yet are refreshingly new. A new flavor, if you will. 

Pamcy’s music was discovered when Lee Hannah of the Melbourne-based Healthy Tapes reached out to her through email. “I check my Soundcloud stats where most of my music is uploaded,” recounted Fernandez of how the cassette came about. “I noticed that a large chunk of my plays were outside the Philippines. When I released a track titled ‘25 and Dead Inside’, Lee contacted me and that’s how 'Piso Isa' came about.”

“He contacted me towards the end of 2017 and I finished working on the project around ate January of this year,” added Pamcy who considers herself as an internet artist and to date has done a couple of live shows. “We decided to release this March just in time for summer. It happened very quickly and I don’t think this would have been possible without the internet.”

All of Healthy Tapes’ releases are in cassette and "Piso Isa" is the first non-Australian offering to be released by the label.

The cassette is released in extremely limited numbers and can only be ordered through Healthy Tapes’ website. The label also recently received some press for its release of stunning new talent Stella Donnelly who has been hailed by the international music press as an artist to watch this year.

“When Lee told me he liked my demos, we decided to push through with releasing the single on cassette. I was really looking forward to release in cassette form because I remember buying a few cassettes myself when I was in elementary school.”

Fans can sample Pamcy Fernandez’s music on Soundcloud and Audiomack.