LOOK: Wilma Doesnt marries partner Gerick Parin


Posted at Mar 25 2022 11:45 AM | Updated as of Mar 25 2022 03:12 PM

MANILA – Actress and model Wilma Doesnt finally walked down the aisle on Thursday, almost a year after she and her boyfriend Gerick Parin got engaged. 

Photos and clips from the wedding in Tagaytay were uploaded online by the couple's guests. 

Screen grab from Jing Monis' IG
Screen grab from Jing Monis' IG

Doesnt and Parin got engaged on her birthday in July 2021. 

Doesnt was hosting an event at a resort when Parin suddenly came up to her on stage and showed her engagement ring. 

Wilma has 3 kids from her previous relationships, Asiana, Emilia, and Araion. 

In 2018, she acknowledged on "Magandang Buhay'' that it was not easy to raise three children on her own. Doesnt had her first child, Asiana, when she was at the peak of her career.