Blackpink’s Rosé recalls audition for YG: ‘I’m not gonna get in’


Posted at Mar 24 2021 03:19 PM

Blackpink’s Rosé recalls audition for YG: ‘I’m not gonna get in’ 1
Photo from Rosé Instagram account

After launching her solo debut, Rosé of the Korean girl group Blackpink took a trip down memory lane as she reminisced about her audition for YG Entertainment, one of the leading K-pop companies, in Australia. 

Rosé, whose real name is Roseann Park, revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that she never thought of passing the audition and that she just enjoyed her performance to get some good memories. 

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter was accompanied by her father who convinced her to audition after seeing her love for music. 

“I was there because my dad had told me he noticed that I obviously have a love for music. And he doesn't want me to regret it when I’m older that I haven't tried to pursue anything through it,” said Rosé, who described herself then as an “awkward 16-year-old girl.” 


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“I remember just being there in Sydney in the audition room and I’m probably not gonna get in. I did my thing and I was like, just gonna try to enjoy it since I’m probably not gonna get in and I'm just gonna try to remember this moment and get some good memories out of it. And I left and then I got a call. That's very odd,” she recalled. 

Rosé also reminisced how intimidated she was during her first meeting with fellow Blackpink members, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo. 

“I walked in and there were like a bunch of girls, quite a lot of them in a room. I remember just feeling intimidated,” she said in the interview. 

Jennie was the one who taught her more about Korean culture, having studied in New Zealand. 

She also found a connection with Lisa who was also away from home as she came from Thailand. 

“Lisa was this girl from Thailand. And so I was away from home and she was away from home too. So we kinda have that in common. I think she was the first one to meet me in an elevator when I came into the company,” she said.

Rosé, on the other hand, described Jisoo as the cool kid and the goofiest among all of them. 

The “On The Ground” singer went on to share their debut performance in a Korean show, performing their song “Whistle.” 

“I didn’t even think of it as my first performance because I was just busy thinking of all the things I had to do. I remember our song 'Whistle.' We did like a few takes and it was done and then we walked out,” she quipped. 

She admitted she shed some tears after their first performance, recalling her intense trainee days. 

“Our trainee days were pretty intense. I think of all my trainee days, those moments kinda flew by. I remember I cried a little bit. Oh my gosh, this actually happened. I was very happy.”

Earlier, Rosé dropped the single album “R,” which includes the title track, “On The Ground” and another song, “Gone.” 

She also recently launched her YouTube channel, where she talked about her debut as a solo artist in the first-ever video entry.

In the 5-minute video post, titled “ROSÉ | Interview Film,” Rosé explained how her solo song, “On the Ground,” is a humbling track that talked about how one’s dream may not necessarily be “up there at the top.”


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