'My body's a train wreck': BB Gandanghari in hospital after 'workplace bullying'


Posted at Mar 22 2019 02:17 PM | Updated as of Mar 22 2019 04:16 PM


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BB Gandanghari took to social media on Friday to share how she came to be on the receiving end of bullying while at work in the US.

On Instagram, Gandanghari posted a photo of her hand wearing a hospital tag. The tag's date was March 20, 2019.

She accompanied the photo with the caption "Say NO to workplace BULLYING".

"What would you do when you’re transgender and your personal and professional boundaries are being violated and attacked in a work environment who claims to be a SAFE ZONE for people like me?"


A post shared by BB. Gandanghari (@gandangharibb) on

Gandanghari, who celebrated her 50th birthday last September with nude photo shoot on the beach, described how she felt after the attack.

"My body’s a train wreck that I was advised by my doctor to pause from work as I deal with this extreme emotional distress and severe anxiety attack that’s causing my blood pressure to shoot up. So help me God," she said.

Gandanghari, who is currently based in the US, did not give further details as to how she ended up being hospitalized.

Friends and supporters continue to leave messages of support for her, hours after she uploaded her post.

She ended her post which has so far received over 2,000 reactions and almost 200 comments with the hashtags #SayNoToBullying #NoToDiscrimination #NotoRacism #NotoHypocrisy.