'See you when I'm ready': Baron Geisler reveals he will be checking into rehab


Posted at Mar 22 2018 05:08 PM

A photo of Baron Geisler from his Instagram account, which appears to have been deleted. He made the announcement that he will be entering a rehab this Thursday. 

Baron Geisler will be checking into a rehabilitation center. 

This comes after he was arrested for threatening to kill his brother-in-law while holding a kitchen knife earlier this month. 

He made the the announcement on Facebook, saying: "I am going into rehab, and take this very seriously this time."

"I am sorry to all whom I've hurt or offended. I will be better, and I will see you all again and work with you, when I am ready." 


Geisler, who stayed inside a rehab facility to get treatment for his alcohol dependency back in 2011, did not reveal any other details. 

He did make a follow-up post, which showed him donating over 40 pieces of art to Angeles City's Culture and Arts Council. 


It remains unclear when Geisler will begin his stay in rehab. 

Geisler was arrested last March 6 for threatening to kill his brother-in-law. 

He was detained at the Angeles City Police Station 3, and was charged with grave threat, alarm and scandal, and illegal possession of deadly weapon.