'Tama na, sobra na, lalaban na': Kris Aquino states in tell-all statement


Posted at Mar 21 2021 06:47 PM | Updated as of Mar 21 2021 10:19 PM

MANILA – “Tama na. Sobra na. Lalaban na.”

These were the words of Kris Aquino as she released on Sunday a two-part video where she expressed how fed up she is by all the nasty talks involving her sons Joshua and Bimby.

Now speaking up to defend her sons, Aquino said on Instagram that she tried to shut up about the issues but doing this only caused her even more stress.

“Stress happens to be the number one enemy of autoimmune [disease]. In just one week, OA sa pagka-malicious ang pag-target sa pangay at bunso ko. Inisip siguro kung mag imbento tungkol sa panganay at tawaging bakla ang bunso, titiklop na ang nanay,” she said.

Addressing the issue about Bimby, Aquino said: “Bullying a 13-year-old dahil sa tingin nila na bakla siya, utang na loob naman, this is 2021. We are living in 2021. Bimb is tall, he is good-looking, he is well educated, he is intelligent. First honor siya ‘di ba? He is articulate, respectful, hindi sya palamura and he happens to be very mature.”


A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino)


A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino)

She also reiterated that Joshua is happily living in Tarlac because he enjoys it there and not because she is “establishing presence in the same province where my father and my brother started their public service journeys.”

After taking some time to think, Aquino realized that she is being tested because her vulnerability was pinpointed. 

“It’s simple. It’s how much I love my sons. Alam kasi ng lahat na ako lang ang mayroon sila. I am exhausted from reading comments na ‘ignore them’ or ‘choose your battles.’ Please, I ask you, I know you mean well but please do not decide for me because they are not your sons. Ako ang nanay nila. So I made my choice,” she said.

When it comes to her children, Aquino is willing to go to war because “hindi nila fault that they cannot count on their fathers. Hindi nila choice na ang nanay nila ang apilyido, Aquino. Hindi nila kasalanan that the lies about my family will continue until history gets completely rewritten. Nagbanggit lang ako ng yellow brick road in an art card, default mode na yung line of attack.”

Later in the video, Aquno recalled how hard it was for their family when her father Benigno Aquino Jr. was jailed and assassinated when she was young.

Despite all the things that happened, Aquino said she still continues to pray for the current administration “dahil kung pumalpak sila, tayong lahat, tayong mga Pilipino, tayo ang babagsak.”

Aquino stressed this is not the right time for political divisiveness because millions of Filipinos are now jobless, hungry, sick, have lost hope and died. She noted, however, how unfortunate it was when even her act of helping those in need was misinterpreted.

“Hindi po ako kagaya nung iba. Hindi po ako epal. Wala po akong agenda. Tumatanaw lang ako ng utang na loob because my mom taught me there will be no Kris Aquino if Filipinos did not support or believe in you. Mas lalong hindi po ako kagaya ng iba kasi ako po nagbibigay galing sa bulsa ko. Nagbabayad po ako ng tamang buwis. Wala akong history na nagnakaw ako sa taong bayan.”

It was at this point when she explained why there is no reason for the supporters of the current administration to attack her.

“President Duterte started his political rise during my mom’s administration. Legacy po ng nanay ko ang peaceful transition of power. Nagbuwis buhay ang dad and mom ko for our country. Ito ang kulay (yellow) nila. It is for this reason that I will not allow anybody to taint the symbol of their sacrifice.”

“I have no party affiliation pero alam ko kung sino ang napatalsik at gustong gusto kaming gantihan dahil kulang para sa kanila na pinapatay ang dad ko. That is not President Duterte because alam ko, never ko siyang binanatan,” she said.

While saying she also wants a peaceful life, Aquino said she is already exhausted to allow others to continue damaging her reputation.

“Lahat naman tayo gusto natin ng mapayapa na buhay. Lahat tayo lalo na ngayon na pandemic, nag-iingat sa kalusugan natin. Pero pinagod niyo na ako. Napagod na ako magpaapak.”

To end her statement, Aquino quoted the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s “mad woman.”

“No one likes a mad woman. You made her like that. You’ll poke that bear till her claws come out and you find something to wrap your news around and there’s nothing like a mad woman. I am taking my time, taking my time because you took everything from me. Watching you climb, watching you climb over people like me.”