KC Montero has funny response to naked photos of brother Troy, Aubrey Miles


Posted at Mar 21 2018 05:50 PM

KC Montero (left) has had enough of the naked photos of his brother, Troy, and his girlfriend, Aubrey Miles (right). @kcmontero and @troymontero on Instagram

MANILA – Celebrity couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero caught the attention of netizens early this week after posting their nude photos while on vacation in Batangas.

Many were impressed with their confidence to bare all, while others praised their toned figures.

But Troy’s brother, TV host KC Montero, had the funniest response to the naked photos.

He edited the snaps to include an animated fire-breathing dragon that obliterated Troy and Miles, and paired these with hilarious captions.

“When you want your brother to stop posting all these uncalled for naked photos,” he wrote, using the hashtags #SanitizeThePoolAndChairs, #TamaNa, and #TroyAndAubreyNeedAdultSupervision.


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In his second post, KC wrote: “Round 2: When you don’t understand why your brother and his girlfriend are posting naked photos. #SeriouslyTamaNa #TheFarmIsNotANudistCamp #TheyNeedToStop.”


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The third clip by KC showed an animated dog throwing up, with the naked Montero and Miles “crushed” by an elephant.

“The feeling you get when you keep seeing your naked family on Instagram,” he said, using hashtags like #ImDying, #CanIUnfollowMyBrother, #ImNeverGoingOnVacationWithYouTwo, and #IUsedToLookUpToYou.

Majority of KC’s followers found his posts funny, and even Troy and Miles, who gamely replied on the videos.

“My favorite so far!” Miles wrote, referring to the third clip. 

“Love you, brother!” replied Troy.