Yassi Pressman has some thoughts on 'fake conspiracies'


Posted at Mar 18 2023 07:01 PM

Photo from Yassi Pressman's Instagram account.
Photo from Yassi Pressman's Instagram account.

MANILA — Actress Yassi Pressman shared Saturday her thoughts about "fake conspiracies." 

In a tweet, Pressman said that people should not agree with such thing that will only hurt people noting that people should get educated with facts.

"Just don’t agree with people making fake conspiracies only to hurt other people," Pressman said.

"Let's stop being only opinionated, but try harder to be educated with facts. ‘cause if the words you threw around were tattooed on you, would you walk around proud," she added. 

Meanwhile, Pressman has another thing to say about personal relationships in a separate post.

"Smiling cause you don’t know anything about our personal relationships," Pressman said in an Instagram post.

"(B)aka rin i-limit ko ang comments section kung may hurtful words, I only welcome positivity, love & kindness here. peezawt!" she added.

Actor James Reid earlier said that the "past rumors" about him and the sister of Yassi Pressman, Issa, are not true. 

In 2020, Issa was alleged to be the third party in the relationship of Reid and his ex-girlfriend Nadine Lustre.

However, Reid explained that he felt the need to speak up "because this is the start of something beautiful."

The said photo was uploaded by Issa herself on her Instagram post on Thursday night, March 16.

For his part, Reid uploaded a clip of him and Pressman watching Harry Styles's concert together.

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Netizens expressed their thoughts as Lustre became one of the top trending topics in microblogging site Twitter on Friday.

In 2020, Issa released a short statement amid allegations linking her to the breakup of Lustre and James Reid.

She wrote at the time: “If I stay silent, i’m ‘guilty’. If I stand up for myself, i’m ‘defensive’. The world judges either way. But to end it here & now, everything is 100% FALSE. #ThinkBeforeYouClick.”

Yassi also defended her sister amid accusations that she caused the separation of Lustre and Reid.

Lustre also expressed her love to the sisters at the time in a comment on Yassi’s post, while Reid left an apology to them both for getting dragged into the issue — clearing Issa of any involvement in the relationship.

Currently, Lustre is happy with her French businessman boyfriend Christophe Bariou.


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