Jopay of SexBomb suffers miscarriage


Posted at Mar 18 2015 05:17 PM | Updated as of Mar 19 2015 01:17 AM

MANILA - A month after she confirmed her pregnancy with husband Joshua Zamora, former SexBomb Girls member Jopay Paguia said on Wednesday that she has suffered a miscarriage.

In a joint statement released on Paguia's Instagram account, the couple confirmed the miscarriage on March 14. The baby, whom Paguia called her "biggest answered prayer," would have been their first child.

Paguia and Zamora, a former Manoeuvres dancer, confirmed the pregnancy last February 11. At the time, the baby had been developing for 30 days.

On March 13, the couple narrated, Paguia experienced bleeding after she lost balance. Paguia was rushed to a hospital but was initially cleared to go home. However, they had to return when Paguia woke up from a four-hour nap and discovered that she was still bleeding.

The ultrasound confirmed that the baby's heart had stopped beating.

According to the couple, who got married in June 2014 after more than seven years together, Paguia had also felt that her pregnancy was not normal, noting that her body had been aching for a month.

Referring to their faith as their "refuge," Zamora and Paguia also thanked their family and friends who have offered prayers for them. Paguia also assured her supporters that she is now in good condition.

Here is the couple's full statement, unedited: "Hello To all our families and friends, Things happen for a reason, and only God knows everything, sometimes we can only ask, and the best answer we get is God's love never fails, never gives up. He remains faithful.

"At 12 noon march 14 during the Ultrasound, we found out na wala ng Heartbeat si Baby, at first d namin ma accept because All we know na everything was normal until na off balance ako the other night ( march 13 ) and found out na may bleeding ako after 2hours, so we rush to the ER and after checking it they sent us home. After sleeping for 4hours i woke up and still may bleeding pa din ,so we had to rush back to the hospital. And after the Ultrasound it was announce na wala ng Heartbeat ang baby.

"Baka genetically defected din daw...kse mahina ang kapit pero mataas naman daw ang bata , bka nga blessing in disguise pa pagkawala ng bata kse sakit ng katawan ko halos 1 month na din parang hindi normal sa buntis.

"But now little by little nagiging ok na muli ako, Only God can restore everything back to Normal. He will make all things New and refresh. Its all a matter of Trust. God is our Refuge. Thank you for all your prayers. God bless us all. No worries i'm ok na - josh & diof"