Nadine Lustre bares craziest rumor about her


Posted at Mar 15 2023 01:17 PM | Updated as of Mar 15 2023 03:39 PM


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MANILA – Nadine Lustre didn't hold back in sharing her thoughts when asked about the most outrageous rumor she had heard about herself.

Taking part in Cosmo Confessions, the video of which is uploaded in the magazine’s YouTube channel, Lustre revealed that the most persistent rumor about her is being pregnant.

“This happens every year. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. People just decide that I am pregnant every year. I don’t even look like it,” she said.

The actress said it is something she would not hide from the public if and when it happens.

“If I am pregnant though, I would happily announce it to the world but sadly guys, I am not pregnant. I am not pregnant every year.”

In the same clip, Lustre also shared that her relationship deal breaker is “if it’s not a two-way street.”

She also explained that she gets turned on when someone has the same humor as hers.

Currently, Lustre is in a relationship with Christophe Bariou, whom she met through common friends when she went to visit Siargao in July 2021.

Bariou is half-Filipino and half-French and has been living in Siargao for eight years now.

On whether Bariou is comfortable about being in a relationship with a public personality, Lustre previously said in a different interview: “He is. He’s getting used to it at least. I think he understands that it’s something that he cannot escape. It’s part of it. He’s okay with it.”