Janella Salvador loses more than P100,000 from bank account

Niko Baua, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 15 2017 01:00 PM

Actress Jenine Desiderio was surprised after sorting out the bank statements of her daughter, Janella Salvador.

It showed there was a debit card transaction in Tokyo Disneyland in August last year, amounting to almost P110,000.

But both of them were not in Japan at that time.

“Ang kaduda-duda dito ay same amount, same date, same name tapos paulit-ulit ng tatlong beses. In one date parang tatlong transactions,” Desiderio said.

(It was suspicious because it was the same amount, same date, same name, three times.)

But Desiderio admitted she only discovered the transactions last week, saying her bank failed to promptly deliver her statements of account.

Desiderio wasn’t also alerted by the bank of the big transactions because she was not enrolled in online banking.

“Hindi ko alam na kahit pala maingat ka pwede pa lang mangyari yung mga bagay na ito,” she said.

(I didn't know that even if I'm careful, things like this can happen to me.)

Janella for her part said, “I got sad when I saw it because first of all, I find it really disappointing and sad that people nowadays can just steal big amount of money that other people worked hard for of course.”

In a statement, the bank gave assurances that all complaints, including Desiderio’s, will be investigated.

Last week, a debit account holder from the same bank complained at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) after she also lost P30,000 in her account from a transaction in Tokyo, Japan.

The BSP advises those in similar situations to file a complaint before its Financial Consumer Protection Department.

The National Bureau of Investigation meanwhile reminded account holders to always protect their accounts and card details.