LOOK: Bea Alonzo promotes Gerald-Pia movie


Posted at Mar 13 2018 11:16 AM


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MANILA – Bea Alonzo may not be able to watch the premiere screening of “My Perfect You” but she is definitely throwing her 100 percent support behind the movie.

The film is headlined by her special someone, Gerald Anderson, and her good friend, Pia Wurtzbach. It is the two’s first project together.

Cathy Garcia Molina, the same filmmaker who helmed some of her own box office hits in the past including “One More Chance” and “Second Chance,” directed the movie.

As a show of support, Alonzo shared on Instagram the official poster of “My Perfect You” ahead of its release in cinemas nationwide.

“March 14 na!!” she wrote in the caption.

Molina appreciated Alonzo’s gesture and thanked the actress for helping promote the film.

Wurtzbach’s sister also thanked Alonzo and tagged her as a “supportive friend” and a “supportive GF.”

“My Perfect You” centers on Burn (Anderson), a broken-hearted man looking to start over, and Abi (Wurtzbach), a hostel owner whom he meets while on vacation.

While the teaser shows Burn exasperated by the ubiquitous and overbearing Abi, it also offers a glimpse of the two finally getting along and eventually falling in love.

Their chemistry, it appears, will be sprinkled with humor, thanks to the combination of Abi's boisterous personality and Burn's pensive, brooding mood.