Sharon to build resort, retirement village


Posted at Mar 11 2012 02:12 PM | Updated as of Mar 12 2012 03:24 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Actress-singer Sharon Cuneta confirmed that she has branched out into the real-estate business.

“Remember, I told you in the 1990s that I want to go into realty development? I’m going into it now,” she said in an interview with columnist Wilson Lee Flores, which appeared in the Philippine Star on Sunday.

Cuneta said she is currently building townhouses in a “nice area” near the Tomas Morato area in Quezon City.

She also bought a two-hectare oceanfront property in Bohol, which she is planning to develop into a retirement village.

"A lot of retirement places in the Philippines are developed for foreign retirees. Mine hopes to cater to local people and the balikbayans,” she said.

Cuneta also revealed that she bought an eight-hectare beach property in Binga, near San Vicente, in Palawan.

“The problem is I’m still waiting for the airport there,” she said. “I asked how much would it cost to build or finish a runway, maybe I could just pitch in to help. My friends said it would cost P900 million, so I said: ‘Huh? P900 million? Never mind!’”

Cuneta said it has always been her dream to become a hotelier.

“I’ve always wanted to go into the hotel and resort business, that’s due to my travels ever since I was 10 years old,” she said.

No to politics

Asked if she also plans to enter politics, Cuneta, now 46, said she believes she will not be an effective politician.

And despite her political background, as the daughter of former Pasay City Mayor Pablo Cuneta, she said she doesn’t see herself running for public office.

“Hindi ako puwede sa politics. The Filipino people may love me, but they won’t obey me. I am too frank for politics,” she told Flores.

“I think I’m not meant for politics, it is often so cynical, there’s corruption… I don’t know what my late father did, but my father had his business and as a child I remember going to my dad’s various real estate businesses,” she said.

“Ate Vi [Vilma Santos] in Batangas she has a good teacher in her husband in handling politics, but I just personally don’t have the stomach for politics. Politics I leave to my husband Kiko, because I don’t like the dishonesty, the betrayals in politics,” she added.

Cuneta, who is married to Sen. Francis Pangilinan, praised fellow actress Santos, who is now the governor of Batangas. "Ate Vi, she is really a very good example of a successful political leader. Her accomplishments help give a better image to us artistas,” Cuneta said.

Cuneta, however, admitted that had she married her ex-boyfriend Charlie Cojuangco, she “could have run” for a local position in Negros Occidental.

“But it wouldn’t be for any personal reasons, it would be to serve the local community,” said Cuneta, who also revealed that she was at one point engaged to Cojuangco.

When Flores asked how long she was engaged to Cojuangco, Cuneta declined to answer. “I’m not close to Charlie. It wasn’t a good break-up, but I’m close to his sisters Tina and Lisa, and I love his parents to death,” she said.