Ria Atayde on Zanjoe: 'So much mutual respect, admiration'


Posted at Mar 07 2023 01:20 PM

MANILA – Ria Atayde is very much content with her current relationship with Zanjoe Marudo.

In an interview with Bernadette Sembrano for the “TV Patrol” anchor’s vlog, Atayde said Marudo makes her feel secured and appreciated.

“I am very happy right now. I am in a relationship where I feel valued and where there’s so much mutual respect, mutual admiration. Very much [like part of the family], I’d say,” she said.

When Sembrano asked why she or Marudo are not talking about their relationship, Atayde explained: “Because it’s already so public. And just to protect it from people’s thoughts and intention. Basta it’s nice to be happy.”

According to Atayde, she does not know how their special bond started but they definitely got together last year.

“We’ve been friends kasi for so long. Siguro last year, [we made it official in] 2022 for sure.”

It was during an ANC Headstart interview in January when Marudo first confirmed that he and Atayde are already a couple.

Prior to that, Atayde’s mom Sylvia Sanchez was quoted in October saying the “Dirty Linen” actor was courting her daughter.

Aside from co-starring in the 2017 series “My Dear Heart,” Marudo and Atayde have been frequently spotted in the same showbiz circles.

In August 2022, photos of them together in New York circulated on social media, spurring speculation about their status.