Paulo Avelino dislocates shoulder in motorbike crash


Posted at Mar 04 2019 05:42 PM

Paulo Avelino corners a motorbike. Instagram: @pauavelino

MANILA — “The General’s Daughter” actor Paulo Avelino is set to undergo physical therapy after dislocating his right shoulder in a motorbike crash.

Avelino, 30, narrated the incident in an Instagram post on Monday, saying he was immediately attended to by the organizers behind the racing event he was participating in.

“Yes, I did crash again and although it was a low side crash, unfortunately I dislocated my right shoulder for the first time (It was painful btw). Tuason Racing and the event organizers immediately rushed me to the hospital where they were able to pop my shoulder back in (hurt even more) but immediately felt relief over my right shoulder.

“Upon checking the extent of the mobility of my shoulder I asked if I could go back to the track and after going for a few laps, Voila! I am still fully capable of riding, but definitely at a slower pace due to minimal discomfort on my right shoulder,” he wrote.

“I was able to finish my whole CSSPH course for this year, level 3 and 4,” he added, referring to California Superbike School Philippines, a Parañaque-based center that trains riders in cornering motorcycles.

Sharing his takeaway from the incident, Avelino continued: “Sometimes we just have to slow down, assess what we've been doing wrong, swallow your pride and accept our mistakes. Then finally, come out as a better person. Full speed ahead!”

In a separate Instagram post also on Monday, Avelino said he was due for “strengthening exercises” for his physical recovery.