WATCH: James Reid hopes to create legacy through Careless music label


Posted at Mar 02 2020 03:22 PM


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MANILA – James Reid was honest enough to acknowledge that he was at the top of his game when he decided to take a step back and put up Careless, his own music label.

For most people, it was a surprising move as many would do anything to reach his level of stardom.

But it was reaching the peak, he said, that allowed him to see the “problems” in the local music scene.

“When I was, I think, at the top of my game in show business, you kind of see things that are out of place,” said Reid, who rose to fame as half of the “JaDine” love team with ex-girlfriend Nadine Lustre. “And there are so many reasons it’s like that.”

“But I felt that, especially in the music industry, there were so many artists that aren’t getting recognition,” he went on. “Or there’s so much good music that wasn’t mainstream, which I found very weird. It was hard for me to not do it once I saw it, because I felt like I was in a position to help change it.”

Reid made the statement in an interview on “Making Mega,” the film featuring scenes from his shoot with Lustre in Brazil for Mega Magazine.

The actor-turned-music label CEO said he wants Careless to serve as his legacy as they strive to create a platform for emerging talents.

“I’m still really ambitious, so I want to spend these remaining years of my 20s really seeing this through, and hopefully create a platform for other artists… pretty much creating a legacy,” he said. 

(Watch Reid talk about Careless starting at the 53:42 mark in the video below.)

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