‘La Luna Sangre’: Malia unleashes vampire powers in ‘last reveal’ episode


Posted at Mar 01 2018 01:24 AM

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So there she is then, wearing a red cloak similar to the one Jacintha (Angel Locsin) donned. 

In what has proven be something of a typical move, Wednesday's "La Luna Sangre" drops another major clue to support the long-standing theory that Jacintha was indeed Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) from the future only to hide behind vagueness. 

Thus fans are again left wondering if Malia's transformation into a vampire is the confirmation they have been waiting for all along. 

Driven by her desire to defeat the evil Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) after witnessing his cruelty, Malia runs out into an open field at night and desperately pleads to the moon for strength. 

She remembers what her father told her when she was little about how she was different from the others --possessing both the powers of a vampire and a lobo (wolf). Cue a fantastical transformation and her untapped potential manifests --physically shown through the streaks in her hair. 

Angel Locsin's Jacintha and Kathryn Bernardo's Malia share uncanny features such as eye color. Photo credit: Star Creatives

As fans know, Jacintha also shares the blood of both clans. Sans Malia, no other character in the "Moonstone" trilogy has these. 

If this was the "reveal" the episode's hashtag suggested to be the "last" ahead of the show's finale on Friday, it is still worth noting that nothing has been set in stone just yet. 

All clues appear to pointing to that fact, however, as was telegraphed a few episodes back when Jacintha's face was overlaid with Bernardo's features before she disappeared. 

Only time will tell (2 episodes left) if Jacintha, who traveled back in time to prevent a grim future overrun by vampires, and Malia are the same person --hopefully in a manner that will be brighter than a full moon on a clear night.