WATCH: Raimund Marasigan takes on rush hour traffic on bike


Posted at Feb 29 2020 04:39 AM

MANILA -- The idea was born because a scheduling conflict meant that they would not be able to get the director they wanted for their planned music video. 

But perhaps that turned out to be a good thing as Sandwich's Plan B for their song "Buhol Buhol" was to have their frontman Raimund Marasigan weave through Metro Manila rush hour traffic in a bike. 

"Without thinking it through, I woke up early the next day, jimmied a Go Pro on a selfie stick with a drum mount to the handle bar of my bike," wrote Marasigan as they unveiled the video. 

He shared that he had first thought to film his journey to Marcos Highway but oddly enough traffic in the area was light that day. He eventually ended up using the footage of him going through Cubao, even crossing EDSA at one point, for the "one-take" music video. 

"The goal was a one take continuous shot biking through traffic, overtaking everyone without stopping and without breaking any laws. ...This was the first take. Luckily I caught the go signal through EDSA. It was quite a gnarly experience but I had a lot of fun." 

Check it out below: