LOOK: Donny, Gab, Paolo go on motorcycle ride with Pangilinan cousins


Posted at Feb 28 2023 11:58 AM

MANILA - Pangilinan cousins Donny, Gab, Paolo, and Joshua Pangilinan took a break from their busy schedules and went on a motorcycle ride to unwind and de-stress over the weekend. 

The four guys, together with their new cousin-in-law Myke Salomon and future cousin-in-law Enrique Miranda, went on a motorcycle ride through the renowned Marilaque route popular among riders.


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They shared several photos and videos in their respective Instagram pages showing how much they relished the time they spent together.

“A family that rides together, stays together,” wrote Gab.

“One of the best days of 2023 so far!! please suggest names for our family rider gang. Right now we have, pang riderz, pangiligang, pangride, pang gang and pangkas,” added Joshua.

“Mornings like this,” said Donny.

After the ride, they all conveyed how much they appreciated the experience and expressed a desire to do it more often.

They felt that the ride not only provided an enjoyable activity but also strengthened their bond and created more unforgettable memories.