‘Yes, I do have a belly’: Bela Padilla tells body shamers to ‘deal with it’


Posted at Feb 28 2018 09:11 PM

Last month, she was furious over some comments on her Instagram, suggesting a nasty spin on her photo with second cousin Daniel Padilla. 

And Bela Padilla found herself irked once again this Tuesday --this time, by a few vile body-shaming trolls. 

She placed the spotlight on those who attacked her figure in a series of posts on Twitter. "Shocked by the number of comments on my IG post pointing out that I have a belly," she wrote. 

She was pertaining to a beach snap she recently posted, which showed her relaxing in Amanpulo. The photo apparently attracted horrible body-shaming comments. 


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Referring to her belly, Padilla said: "It holds in my organs that I need to live. It has a layer of muscles that I worked hard for in the gym and a layer of fat from the food I enjoy to eat."

"Deal with it. PLUS I'm seated." 

She then asked them if they would have been "more comfortable" if she had edited her photos to make her look perfect. 

"Because I could have easily done that. But what message does it send to the younger ones? That our photos are only likeable when we’re perfect in photos? Not from me. NEVER." 

Padilla is one of the stars of "Meet Me in St. Gallen," a Spring Films-produced romantic drama. It made more than P50 million in the local box office following its debut early February.