How Lea Salonga learned about Sarah-Matteo wedding


Posted at Feb 27 2020 11:25 AM

MANILA -- Lea Salonga admitted she was shocked like the rest of the world when she learned last Friday that her fellow “The Voice” coach Sarah Geronimo had tied the knot.

In her column for the Inquirer published on Thursday, Salonga said she had no inkling whatsoever that Geronimo would get married last February 20 because she went to work that day “without any sign of stress or rushing.”

Along with the other staff of “The Voice,” Salonga said they were actually jokingly discussing it on Facebook “not thinking for even a minute that this whole wedding thing was anything but a sham.”

Salonga said she even got a message from her boss at the Inquirer to ask if there’s any truth to the report that Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli were indeed planning to seal the deal that day.

“And I answered with a, ‘Huh? She’s filming today!’ I was in another part of the city getting ready for an event,” she recalled.

Then came the breaking news on Friday that made Geronimo, Guidicelli and even the singer’s mother Divine the most-talked about Filipinos on Twitter in the Philippines.


While the news raised so many questions as to when and how it happened or who knew about it, Salonga said the most important query was whether Geronimo was happy.

This question was answered later that evening as Salonga received a call from the happy couple.

“As I was having supper with a bunch of friends close to home, a video call from her husband came in. I got to see her face, completely scrubbed of make-up, flashing a brand-new piece of hardware on her finger, with him flashing his own. And she looks happy. They both do. Truly, peacefully, undoubtedly happy,” she said.

Now that they have embarked on a new chapter of their lives together, Salonga has nothing but best wishes for Geronimo and Guidicelli.